SGK Projekt.
We build with
the needs of
tomorrow in mind

About us

We are a construction company specializing in general contracting. We design and build utility and specialist structures for public and private investors, local authorities and individual entities. We are a partner at every stage of the investment process, supporting clients in designing, execution, maintenance and servicing of investment facilities of various sizes and intended use.

For over 20 years we have been providing our Clients and Partners with knowledge and experience that are reflected in many completed investments on the Polish and foreign markets. In our relations, we appreciate direct contact with Clients. We listen, talk and find best solutions and then we implement them. Our priorities in every project are professionalism, reliability, timeliness and quality that translate into the satisfaction of our Clients.

We build relationships by focusing on trust,
openness and commitment

We are your partner at every stage
of the investment process

We analyze your needs
We select effective technical solutions
We present a project that meets your expectations
We carry out the project as the general contractor
We take care of warranty service and servicing
We deal with maintenance and repairs

”The foundation of SGK Projekt's operations is dialogue with the Investor in order to determine the expectations of the cooperation and the selection of optimal technical solutions. This guarantees effective implementation of all construction investments while keeping the highest standards.”

Grzegorz Kamiński,President of SGK Projekt

Our Services

We build with future needs in mind

We carry out investments based on the latest construction technologies. We are distinguished by a comprehensive approach to cooperation regardless of the size of the investment or industry. We support our clients at every stage of the process - from design to execution and maintenance.


We carry out investments in the field of telecommunications and specialist construction

  • Cable and optical fiber networks
  • Base stations
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Ground-based teletechnical ducts
  • Fibre optic cable networks
  • Back-up power supply systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical installations
  • Installations using intelligent building systems (BMS)
  • Telecommunication installations
  • CCTV and alarm systems

We are responsible for comprehensive investment services

  • Measurements and expert opinions
  • Design and construction of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Maintenance and technical servicing of telecommunications systems and networks

We provide specialist additional services

We support fast and efficient design, implementation, maintenance and maintenance of your investments

Teletechnical services
Installation of structured cabling networks (copper and fiber optic), necessary to connect IP services (LAN and IP telephony), analog and digital telephony, alarm and monitoring systems
Rope access and installation services
Assembly and maintenance of steel structures, base stations, antennas, transmission equipment, large-format advertising and lightning protection systems
Modernization and repair services
Modernization, disassembly and demolition of buildings, facade elements, chimney installations (concrete, steel and brick) using alpinist techniques and techniques of disassembly of radio and television masts.
Earth work services
Excavations for foundations, trenching, soil exchange, embankment, head dumping of substructures for parking lots, roads, industrial floors, land drainage, building drainage
Transport services
Truck transport (loading and unloading of materials and goods on pallets)
Electrical services
Structural cabling of networks enabling the implementation of services such as:
  • Low and medium voltage electrical installation projects
  • Agreeing on the technical conditions for grid connection
  • Measurements and tests
  • Modernization of electrical grids
  • Maintenance and comprehensive technical assistance for existing installations
  • Maintenance, overhauls and emergency repairs of medium and low voltage lines
Maintenance of facilities
Comprehensive technical assistance for commercial, office and residential facilities, including installation, maintenance and repair of LAN, air-conditioning, water and sewage systems, heating and ventilation.
Property management
Property management aimed at reducing the costs incurred by the owners, improving the technical condition of the facilities, maintaining the market value of the property while ensuring optimal operation.
Concierge for partners and clients
Consultancy at every stage of the investment process. Support in acquiring reliable and proven contractors for the executed investments.
Design services
Comprehensive design services including formal assistance (obtaining necessary permits, decisions, agreements, studies and individual discipline designs) for the telecommunications, housing, industry and power engineering sectors"

Building investments based on professionalism,
responsibility and safety

This is what makes us stand out

In our daily activities we focus on professionalism and the highest quality of services. Our team is composed of specialized staff, constantly expanding their competencies. Among our partners there are recognized scientific institutions, which confirms the qualifications of SGK Projekt as a reliable, trustworthy and timely contractor.

At SGK Projekt, we take responsibility for the investments made at every stage of cooperation with clients and partners. Our engineers have the necessary qualifications to perform extensive work in the field of general contracting.

The realizations made by SGK Projekt are the result of the combination of passion for technology with the belief that the only limit is imagination. We have been trusted by the largest public and private investors. Our portfolio includes numerous specialist and utility projects carried out in Poland and abroad.
years of history
on the market

Selected projects
we are proud of

atisfaction of our customers is
the best recommendation for us

2019 >
Tauron Wałbrzych
Inspection, dismantling and construction of new tower structures
2018 >
Lubuskie Voivodship Office
Steel structure for the building façade
City of Wrocław
Construction of a monitoring system for the needs of the investment
Construction of electrical and teletechnical installations for the Passenger Information System
Assembly of the Harlequin sculpture in Wrocław
MPK Wrocław
Installation of a new ticket punch system
Construction of office space on the premises of the investor's plants
Silesian Cultural Center in Sobótka
Assembly of steel structures
Orange Poland
Construction of FTTH for single-family and multi-family buildings in Wrocław
SAGITTARIUS Wrocław Office and commercial building
Construction and reconstruction of the telecommunication network (copper and optical fibre cables)
SGK Project
Construction of a fiber optic backbone network
BMW car dealer in Długołęka
Design and construction of medium voltage substations
EC Czechnica in Siechnica
Designing the reinforcement of boiler structure
2017 >
General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
Design and construction of antenna masts
Galeria Wroclavia
Reconstruction of the telecommunication and technical ducts
Kaufland Zgorzelec
Design and construction of 3M electrical and telecommunication installation
Construction of office space on the premises of the Wrocław LG plant
Expansion of the teletechnical network on the premises of the plants
Wrocław University of Technology
Construction of antenna system in Wrocław
2016 >
Construction and reconstruction of fiber optic telecommunication cables on the E30 line section Opole - Węgliniec
Engineer's supervision over the membrane roof of the Olympic Stadium
2015 >
ZOO Wrocław
Construction of the Exhibition Pavilion "Climate - Animals - People"
Disassembly of the 30-tonne scoreboard from the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

We build with everyone in mind
SGK Group Project

On the basis of over 20 years of experience in the general contracting industry, as well as knowledge and inspiration derived from passion for technology, we have expanded the portfolio of our brands by the SGK MEDIA entity, within which we provide professional services in the field of information technology.
SGK Media
The SGK Projekt Group is currently two mutually supporting entities aiming at providing solutions and services that are even more suited to your needs.
SGK Projekt

Let's build together what today is a plan.
Let's talk about how we can help you.

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